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Electrical & mechanical engineers

ThirdApp Ltd is a company that specializes in offering products and services in electrical and mechanical engineering technologies. We handle mechanical and electrical installation and fire protection services in addition to providing cost-efficient and reliable power solutions

Our vast experience and expertise in technology and understanding of the modern eye to eradicate setbacks or future errors helps us to provide functionality and comfort to our clients, based on the needs of their buildings and budgets.

Essential to our success is our dedication and commitment to quality, innovation, and continuous improvement in the products and services we provide to each and every client.


Core values

  • Quality: At Thirdapp, we understand that quality is very important in delivering projects, that is why we have different systems in place for quality checks for every project we work on

  • Integrity: We understand that every business relations is built on integrity, we are committed to having a continuous healthy and trustworthy relationship with our clients in handling all their works and projects

  • Accountability: At Thirdapp, we take due responsibilities and can be held accountable for all our projects, hence, our team of engineers diligently work to avoid future errors or mistakes when handling clients’ works. We constantly reinvent ourselves on new improved methods and knowledge needed to compete in the industry

  • Perseverance: Our ability to be persistence and disciplined with providing quality services makes us stand out from other businesses because we know customer is king

  • Timeliness: We understand how important time and project delivery is, hence, we try our best to work within our clients’ expectations, bearing in mind all the other factors needed for optimum results.

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A company that cares

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Our vision

To have a sustainable clientele base by offering quality, eco-friendly, reliable electrical and mechanical engineering technologies and energy solution with improved methods and approach.

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Our mission

To be one of the best companies that provides high quality and timely electrical and mechanical engineering services in Africa with unique solutions for every space, structures and building infrastructure

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Our people

We invest in developing and attracting great people to create a professional, diverse, and flexible workforce. We listen to our customers to understand their needs and work with them to design integrated and responsive solutions. The diverse backgrounds and perspectives of our staff help us to think differently. We work hard to turn our ideas and experience into better solutions and services for our customers.


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